Mandy Grotie is an award-winning visual artist currently living in Portland, Oregon. She loves art that’s funky and bright—it gives her a sense of relief from everyday life and a pause from the present. The weirder, the better.

Self-defined as funky, weird, and full of love, Mandy’s style consists of black, fluid lines and fading dots integrated with bright colors. Mandy uses color to embed positivity into her work, and believes it can awaken the senses for a profound effect on the body and mind. She likes to combine these elements—often with a dash of humor—in a symmetrical way to create visually pleasing pieces.

Mandy Grotie has created work for Pabst Blue Ribbon, the Portland Trailblazers and more. She was the winner of a Pabst Blue Ribbon contest in 2014, and her design was featured on a billboard in SE Portland—one of her proudest moments. She was later named the Portland Pabst Artist in 2016 and live-painted pieces around the metro area. In 2019, Mandy was a Gameday Poster Artist for the Portland Trailblazers, and her exclusive print sold out at the Moda Center. It was also presented in a gallery during Design Week Portland and noted in the New York Times.

Mandy aspires to keep creating and bringing brightness to the world!

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